Introducing The WoodLand Line (wood jewelry)

The WoodLand Jewelry

 Coolgemsjewelry WoodLand Line of jewelry is a collection of pieces that integrate exotic woods into jewelry making. Some pieces are entirely made of wood while others will only have some wood accents or a mix of wood and gemstones. Wooden jewelry became popular from the 1930’s to the 1950’s before the advent of plastics, it has been around for thousands of years and is now rediscovered under the label of “eco jewelry” or “eco fashion”. 

Similar to gemstones, wood comes in an infinite variety of colors, patterns and structures. Unlike gemstones, wood-based jewelry brings in scent as an additional dimension. Wood being a “living” material, each species has its own subtle or marked scent which brings an element of “Aromatherapy” to the experience of wearing a piece of jewelry as well as being a powerful memory trigger. 

Most wood will only have a faint smell unless it is wet or sanded but we all recognize the unmistakable rose wood or cedar fragrances.

Some of the wood species used by Coolgems are Cedar, Olive wood, Bubinga, Maple, Mahogani, Walnut, Yellow Heart and Wenge. I acquire these from a reputable Canadian supplier who ensures that the wood is harvested in a sustainable and ethical manner. I do my part by ensuring that very little goes to waste and reuse the wood remnants to carve earrings and small necklace parts such as hand turned beads, wood clasps and connectors.

I know that you will appreciate the uniqueness of the WoodLand Line of jewelry for its beauty and connection to nature.


Happy shopping!


Coolgems jewelry woodland line exotic handcrafted olive wood necklace

Coolgems jewelry woodland line exotic handcrafted olive wood necklace