Introducing CoolGems Gemstone jewelry Line

Gemstone jewelry, From Amethyst to Zircon the choice of precious and semiprecious stones is almost infinite. Most of us can recognize the widely used ones such as.... yes! Amethyst with its violet purple deep colour, but did you know that amethyst also comes in green? If you have delved a little more into crystals and birthstones you may be familiar with gemstones such as Aquamarine, Ruby, Opal and Topaz but there are so many other less known ones such as Tanzanite, Seraphinite, Apatite and Fluorite. 

This is only to say that even when you are a gemstone collector, you always find ones that you’ve never heard of, others that are hard to come by and some that inspire you to create and share beautiful jewelry. 

So here it is, a gemstone line for you to browse and discover. I hope that you too will rediscover the gems you know and find out about new ones. 

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 Coolgems jewelry gemstone line blue kyanite silver earrings

 Coolgems jewelry gemstone line blue kyanite silver earrings